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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  April 6, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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a driver who neglectly cause as crash that kills a cyclist can't face criminal charges they pay a fine and go to traffic court and pay fine and that's it. linda tells us about bill that could change all that. >> reporter: it looks to give more protection to cyclists on the road. you have the designated bike lanes but some say that's not enough. we are in the air afterhopkins university where recently by 39th street a student on his bike was struck and critically injured by a car. now advocates say they want to up the penalty for drivers involved in the crash that kills a cyclist. they want the drivers to go to jail and pay a bigger fine. every day people in the area bike to work and school and it didn't take long to catch a cyclist in danger near the hopkins campus the it happenednear the spot war student was head by a car. back in february, an 83-year- old woman cut him off, hit his bike and pinned him under the
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car. his parents say their son suffered permanent brain damage many and now they want tostrengthen laws that put them in danger. >> it's terrible for everyone of the families that suffer and lose a child or lose a husband. >>. >> reporter: hit and killed by a car while riding his bike onbutler road last year. driver was given a $500 fine and three points on her driver's license. cyclists will bike from baltimore to annapolis to urge law makeers that something needs to change, that drivers who hurt cyclists while they are driving neglectly should face stricter penalties. bill up is for a hearing in a senate committee at one this afternoon. live in north baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. the dates of the next primary will be changed in
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maryland. the senate scheduled the 2012 presidential primary moving it to april. 2014 primary for maryland's governor's race would be -- would move from september to june under the measure. the house approved an identical bill to the -- so the measure heads to martin o'malley's desk. the house of delegates approved maryland's 2012 capital budget and authorizes 925 million in new borrowing for infrastructure and now goes to the senate. one of the highlights is 150 million dollar bill for school construction. this includes 198 million dollars for higher education projects. as maryland's house approves the budget, the u.s. government sits on the verge of a shutdown as lawmakers battle over so much larger budget cuts. deadline is thee days away and the president is -- three days away and the president is weighing in on the measure. sherrie johnon is here to explain. >> reporter: it's budget crunch time. a government shutdown could happen friday if lawmakers
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can't work out a deal for this year. congressional leaders met with and without president obama yesterday to try to hammer out a deal on a budget for the remaining 6 month of the fiscal year. a partial government shutdown is possible if an agreement is not reached by friday. now a partial government shutdown means museums and national parks will close. passport applications may be delayed and the pentagon says combat troops may not be paid on time. the gop is also proposing major cuts to the 2012 budget to cut spending by 6 trillion dollars over the next decade. now republicans want to shake up programs like medicare and medicaid and the white house rejected house republicans 2012 budget. >> the only question is whether politics or ideology are going to get in the way of preventing a government shutdown. >> we will continue to fight for the largest cuts possible. >> we have not been able yet to arrive at a conclusive
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determination about how everyone's pay would be impacted by this. >> reporter: as far as the budget debate, the president refuses to sign another budget extension unless congress reaches an agreement on the fiscal plan. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it's 5:04. if you've given out your e-mal address to your clothing store hotel or bank, it's possible it could ended up in the hands of scamers. epsilos announced an unauthorized entry or breach. angie barnett says "it is very likely information obtained during the breach could be getting in the hands of the wrong people and scaring customers into divulging personal and financial information. tragedy strikes a local family after their daughter was killed in a boating accident in australia. cameron o'neill-mullin was there as student exchange program. she was riding on an inflatable tube towing by a-- towed by a
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speedboat when the boat turned and the inflatable object flew into a tree and she was killed. william donald schaver is resting at home. -- schaefer is resting at home. he was in the hospital after bout of pneumonia. his long time aide says he looks better and feeling better and was released from the hospital yesterday. a bizarre case in cecil county. police say a man became stuck to a department store toilet seat after someone spread glue on it. it happened thursday at wal- mart in elkton. emergency workers removed the seat from the toilet and took the man out with the seat attached to him. it was removed at a local emergency room and he is doing okay. a philidelphia woman is recuperating at the hospital after being stuck in her toilet for several days. fire crews responded to the 93- year-old woman's apartment after getting a 911 call from someone reporting that she hadn't been seen in several days. authorities say the woman was frail and apparently didn't have the strength to get up off
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the toilet. time is 5:05. the skies over baltimore werglowing blue. >> the mayor decided to shine the spotlight on a sometimes life altering disorder. the ravens cheerleaders are not let being -- letting a potential lockout stop them from chairing their -- sharing their community spirit.
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the fact. >> for the first time, sety hall is bathed in blue. check it out. the mayor stephanie rawlings- blake threw the switch to shine the bright spotlight on autism. she was joined by the president of kennedy krieger and the health commissioner. autism deals with the wiring of our brains that is complex and life altering. this is autism awareness month. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 5:09. we were part of severe weather yesterday. it may be the largest outbreak of severe weather in a decade. still looking over the numbers. but i wanted to show you gaithersburg. watch near the bottom of the screen. this location after one of the
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morning storms produced a rainbow. do you see it right there? right by the weather bug logo. we loft the top -- lost the top part but i wanted to show you the bottom. the storms didn't produce much in the way of damage. this morning, a quieter and colder scene. 36 degrees in towson at west towson elementary. and our headlines april showers will have warmer temperatures today with afternoon showers trying to pop up and rain in the forecast just about every day this week. more on that in a moment. let's go back to the roads with kim. >> reporter: hey, well, we are going to give the roadways the all clear. no major traffic problems on your wednesday morning rush. traffic is moving at speeds at a very nice speed southbound on the 895 stretch at the o'donnell street exit. no problems towards the harbor tunnel. fort mchenry looks good. as we go to the maps, look live. no problems as you make your
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way south on 95 and or the bw parkway or route 29 heading towards the capital beltway area either. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. time 5:11. and the ravens players may not be getting ready for the upcoming season because of the lockout but yesterday, four ravens cheerleaders along with the team mascot spot to -- spoke to more than 300 students. the school was involved in play works, a program getting children involved in exercise. they are encouraged to get more than 60 minutes of physical activity at least five days a week for several weeks. >> this is really about encouraging kids to not just sit in front of a computer screen or a tv but to go out and play. and to really do the things they are best at doing. >> they are involved in the -- one in six baltimore schools are involved. the back across the bay bridge is a huge event many look forward to. >> will it go as planned? what officials are now saying.
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also ahead this morning, another star says good-bye. find out who left the dance stage for the last time.
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thanks for joining us. money issues are forcing officials to cancel the chesapeake bridge bay walk. maryland transportation authority says the event has become more and more expensive since september 11th due to the increases in security. the event normally held in may has been canceled in rerecent years due to bad weather, renovation and economic conditions. the first time it was held was 1975. so we wanted to know what you think about this. what do you think about the bay bridge walk? a good event or a waste of money? we asked you on our w-6789 mar -- wmar facebook fan page. russ says i enjoyed it in the past, these are tight economic times and the bay bridge walk is nice but not necessary. scott said i missed bay bridge walk and railroad my mom, sisters and aunts doing the walk every year. i couldn't -- and i remember my
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mom, sifts and aunts doing the walk every year and i couldn't -- sisters and aunts do the walk every year and i couldn't wait. now maryland's most powerful doppler drey dar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> here's a thought. no severe weather today but we are checking out the almanac that shows us that last year on this date, we had our record high temperature at 90 degrees. that was actually part of a 3- day heat wave we set the record on april 5th. we hit 90 on april 7th. but that was not a record. normally we belong at 61. we will try to get back there today and it look like we have relatively mild temperatures coming up for the next few days. but, looks like showers in the offing as well. storm pattern to the north, you can see the general storm track highlighting the fact that there's rain up there across minnesota and wisconsin and michigan. most of it is staying to the north. we will get clipped on the fringe. we will introduce more clouds later today and that will bring in a chance of some of the showers trying to sneak in as well.
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temperatures responding to some early sun. and some westerly wind helping to get us back into the 60s. pretty easy to do that this time of the year. the future forecast and future radar highlights the rain up towards the north. but there's an indication that there could be a chance of showers trying to slip in here during the late afternoon and evening hours. round one goes by. we will continue with that threat of unsettled weather, scattered showers late tomorrow. lasting on into friday. and really depends on which wind direction we are dealing w there will be warm days mixed in with chilly days especially as a round of rain rolls in towards the end of the week into the stam of the weekend. for today -- start of the weekend. for today, late day rain showers which brings in the chance of rain showers for a first pitch at 7:05 at camden yards. temperatures back into the 50s. we will expect overnight conditions with scattered showers down to about 43. and tomorrow, look for more showers late in the day. but it will be a little milder as we are aiming for a high
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around 69. we will check out extended outlook in a moment. here kim brown with a check on the traffic. >> reporter: thanks. if you are catching the mta, everything is on schedule for the local bus, metro subway and light rail and mark train and commuter and mobility services. if you are headed to the roadways, you won't find problems either. traffic is moving very well in both directions here at 895. no problems as you head towards the split from 95 from white marsh boulevard. everything is looking pretty good on the harrisburg expressway, no issues bebetween owings mills and the beltway. i-70 clear in both direction between route 29 and 695. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. time for your birthdays at 5:18. and geno turns 42 today. goono recently won the -- geno cree rently won -- recently won a car race. on this wednesday also april brown. happy bearing day to you. >> our -- birthday to you. look at this veteran
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marathon runner noel ran a 26 mile marathon on a treadmill inside a castle of the famous london eye in central london yesterday. the event will raise funds for charity and the attempt to compete 223 marathons over the next 10 years. >> if you have an interesting photograph, morning show at please include all pertinent information so we can get the facts straight. 5:19 onto entertainment news after getting booed by the crowd at show in detroit charlie sheen brought his tour to cleveland. the former 2 1/2 -- two and a half men star performed. some of sheen's famous phrases like dah winning, maybe trademarked. the company with ties to the actor plans to market everything from bras and drinks to gambling machines.
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they start together in the pursuit of happiness and now they are teaming up again. will smith and his son will star together in a film coming up. a sci-fi with direct -- the studio says it will be 1,000 years in the future on an abandoned earth. sounds interesting. on dancing with the stars another celebrity hits the road. and it came as no surprise. the lowest score goes home in the third week and it was talk show host wendy williams hanging up her dancing shoes. she says no problem. she will be keeping busy. >> it's bitter because no one likes to be cut but it's sweet because i get back to my gorgeous son, my supportive husband and my wonderful staff of the wendy show and the business of running wendy. i've got a game show to promote that begins on april 11th. i've got so much stuff going on right now on my plate. >> so no worries. now there will be nine contestants and we will see who
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stays and who goes happening next week. >> all right. just before 5:21. the toy in mcdonald's happy meals has been known as part of the best part for the kids over the past few years. >> listen to. this coming up, which city will introduce legislation to take the toys away from kids. >> shocking. plus, police are trying to catch a thief who used the victim's stolen credit card to send her flowers. the bizarre story. we will are v details when --  we will have details when "good morning maryland" returns. achoo! the seasons change,
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5:24. consumer alert for you. instantino l-lc is recalling troy activity truck. the company says children have gagged on the plastic beads. for more information, the number on the screen. 888-808-3111. another recall to tell you about this morning. armed reach concepts inc.
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recalling 76,000 infant bed sleepers sold at burlington coat factory and base babies r us. it they say if the fabric lineer is not secure it can become trapped between the edge of the mattress and the side of the sleeper posing possibly a choking hazard for a child. so far ten infants have fallen from the mattress into the bottom of the sleeper but they wrpt hurt. if you want more information, call arms reach at the number on the screen 1-800-954-9353. how about uneventful weather today. we are looking at temperatures climbing back into the 60s a a cool start. after a cool start. there could be a late shower and that does include first pitch at camden yards. temperatures up to 62 down in the 40s overnight. we will push 69 tomorrow and could be an evening thundershower and temperatures staying in the 50s overnight
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but falling all day on friday. looks like rain likely but falling temperatures into the 40s during the afternoon. 60s saturday. 70 sunday and both days with a threat of showers. we will push 77 with a chance of storms on monday afternoon next week. back to you. >> justin, thanks. >> new york may become the next big city to ban toys in the fast-food kids meals. the politicians introducing the bill today that would ban kid friendly give away from fast- food meals deemed unhealthy for the youngsters. a similar law was enacted in san francisco last year. time 5:26. apple or verizon who wins the latest round in the iphone wars? peggy bunker has the answer in this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, verizon won the latest round in the iphone wars. a survey finds at&t customers lost calls four times as often as verizon customers in the past 90 days. almost half of new iphone 4 customers plan to choose
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verizon over at&t. and just in time for spring clean i robot has a smaller lighter and cheaper version of the scuba floor cleaner. the wall street journal found the new model has advantages over previous ones. >> this scuba 230 is designed to be small enough to fit behind the toilet and the sides of the toilet and tough areas in thebathroom or kiffen that you may noter -- kitchen that you may not otherwise get to if you are scrubbing in the middle of the kitchen with a mop or the bathroom or use a larger scuba can i may not get into the small places. >> reporter: those are your tech bites, i am peggy bunker.
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now "good morning
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maryland." waging war against underage sext themselves and kids about the dangers. police continue searching for suspects in a fast-food murder. now they believe those responsible could be involved in other crimes. and that band of severe weather we saw yesterday, the national weather service says it's the source of a string of deadly tornadoes. we will tell you where on this wednesday, april 6th, good morning maryland, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. we could use a little bit of calm in the weather. rain for a lot of yesterday and then it was windy. so what's ahead today. >> you've got it. calmer weather and we can't keep it completely quiet. we have a little band of clouds passing through this area. we put this on into motion, our satellite and maryland's most powerful doppler radar all quiet. we will see sun and then we will get those clouds to make a return. partly 38 in


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